Month: September 2016

Things To Consider When You’re Considering Your Will (Part 2)

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Jumping off of the last blog post, which touched on distributing assets and dealing with beneficiaries with special or unique needs, this post is a continuation of key points to consider and touch on when you are considering the details of your Will.  For the preceding blog post, click [here]. Appointing a Fiduciary and a […]

Things To Consider When You’re Considering Your Will (Part 1)

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Preparing a Last Will and Testament is, the vast majority of the time, what motivates people to call our office for an estate planning consultation.  Clients know they need a Will so that their assets will be distributed according to their wishes once they die, and they are eager to get that document completed and […]

What is Elder Law anyway?

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On paper, it might look like an “Elder Law” attorney is a good option for an older individual with a need for acute assistance with a problem specific to the aging population.  However, In reality, Elder Law attorneys are equipped to help not only seniors, but also their family members and caregivers, with a wide […]