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We Almost Didn’t Post This.

Posted in 11/29/2018 by

I’m not gonna lie. This was a tough read.  It took me a few days of stopping and starting because it’s truly just sad.  The beginning is the hard, heartstrings-tugging part – the rest is simply infuriating. The Washington Post article linked below tells the horror story of a nursing facility run by a private equity firm.  While the […]

Thank You, Veterans! (And a special promotion for Veterans this month!)

Posted in 11/12/2018 by

We’d like to take a minute out of this rainy (at least in Asheville) Monday morning, to say to our Veterans:  Thank you for your service. None of us would be where we are today without you.  We appreciate the sacrifices you and your families have made. From today through the end of November, we are offering […]

Let’s Talk About Death, Baby.

Posted in 10/26/2018 by

We’re guessing, but we would bet that the article linked below will feel relevant to a lot of you. With that in mind, we’re starting a series to address concerns and questions about this emotionally-charged topic.  In most states within the U.S., there is no “right to die.”  In the absence of a living will or […]

Your Kids Don’t Want Your Stuff (or know what to do with it…)

Posted in 06/25/2018 by

A recent New York Times article addressed what is a recurring theme in our practice… people don’t know what to do with their stuff.  With two parents who recently moved into the equivalent of a tiny house, I feel particularly well-versed in the topic of:  “I don’t want your stuff.”  From personal experience, and, more importantly, from many years […]