Child heading to college this Fall? Parents, take note!

It’s that time of year. High school graduations are in full swing.  Families are preparing to bid adieu to their recent graduates who are heading off to college (or otherwise out on their own) this fall.

As a parent of young children, it can be hard to imagine a time when you won’t be legally able to make decisions for them.  Reality can hit hard when that child hits 18 – especially if something happens and that child suddenly can’t make their own decisions.

Working with your child to have a Health Care and Durable Power of Attorney prepared before they head out on their own is an important step.  If your 18-year old were injured at school or in an accident, or became ill during a semester abroad, in almost all circumstances, without properly-drafted powers of attorney in place, you would need to petition the court to become their guardian – a process that can be both time consuming and expensive.

A short list of issues that a Power of Attorney can help with include:

·     Illness or medical emergency.

·     Communications with health or care insurance companies on child’s behalf.

·     Assistance with replacing a lost debit/credit card or passport.

·     Assistance with banking affairs.

·     Assistance with legal affairs.

·     Ability to retain legal counsel on behalf of a child in custody.

Give us a call – we’ll be happy to work with you to make sure your child can still rely on you, even after they’ve left the nest.