For your Summer bucket list…

We know, we know.  We harp on this every year.  But it’s always relevant, and always important…we also subscribe to the motto: “Plan for the worst, hope for the best.”

Summer is officially in full swing, and many recent high-school graduates are gearing up to head off to college, a new job, a gap year, or whatever!

Life after high school is a time for exploration, and sometimes that exploration opens the door to unexpected complications.  The age bracket of 18-29 is frequently when symptoms of mental illness first surface.  The stresses associated with starting college or a new job are common catalysts to such an onset.   For a young adult unfamiliar with managing mental health issues, it can be overwhelming, and in some scenarios, incredibly dangerous. 

A properly drafted power of attorney can mean the difference between being able to quickly and easily step in to help your child get the necessary treatment established, and having to petition a court to deem your child incompetent and appoint you as guardian before the necessary interventions can commence.

A short list of issues that a Power of Attorney can help with include:

  • Illness or medical emergency.
  • Interfacing with university personnel in the event of a physical or mental health emergency.
  • Communications with health or car insurance companies on child’s behalf.
  • Assistance with replacing a lost debit/credit card or passport.
  • Assistance with banking affairs.
  • Assistance with legal affairs.
  • Ability to retain legal counsel on behalf of a child in custody.

Like an insurance policy, we hope you never need to use your power of attorney. But if the unexpected happens, we’ll all rest easier knowing you’ll be able to navigate those details efficiently and effectively with the proper documentation in place.