What is Elder Law anyway?

On paper, it might look like an “Elder Law” attorney is a good option for an older individual with a need for acute assistance with a problem specific to the aging population.  However, In reality, Elder Law attorneys are equipped to help not only seniors, but also their family members and caregivers, with a wide variety of issues.

Elder Law frequently includes issues surrounding an immediate or anticipated need for long-term care.  In that context, an Elder Law attorney can help clients craft an estate plan designed to meet their needs and better serve their families, while offering some peace of mind that financial and health care affairs are in order.  Frequently, Elder Law attorneys are consulted by children and caregivers of aging adults, who need help coordinating care, dealing with assisted living or nursing home facilities, navigating the Medicaid process, or planning for a disabled spouse or child. 

Certainly, a large focus of an Elder Law practice is in planning for a future need for long-term care.  Approximately 70% of American seniors will require some form of long-term care at some point in their lives.  A dramatically smaller percentage have the means to pay out of pocket for that care, and even fewer have insurance that will help cover the costs.

Taking a look at your long-term financial and health care needs can pay off in spades when a personal health or financial crisis occurs down the road.  Whether you are a senior, child of a senior, or a caregiver, we would be happy to talk with you in an initial consultation about how we might be able to help you manage your Elder Law needs.

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