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We pride ourselves in being the best Elder Law firm in Asheville, NC. We also do more than Elder Law and serve many clients outside of Asheville. Here are all of our primary Practice areas. 

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We offer comprehensive representation to aging seniors and their families. From navigating entry to a care facility or establishing appropriate care at home, to dealing with caregivers or other advisors - we can provide the support you need.

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The costs of long-term care can be exorbitant, and they are steadily rising. Proper planning can help protect your assets and help your family ensure you get the care you need - at home or in a facility - when the time comes.

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Spending time on your estate planning now can save your family thousands in legal fees in the future. A proper plan can help avoid a need for guardianship, protect assets for young or disabled children and ensure your assets get where you want them to go.



If your loved one recently passed away, we can help you sift through paperwork and assets and get you through the estate administration (probate) process efficiently and effectively.



Whether you are acting as fiduciary for someone else under a will, trust or power of attorney, or faced with an estate proceeding or Will you disagree with, we offer assistance ranging from negotiating a settlement to trial.

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The guardianship process can be confusing and at times, overwhelming. If your loved one is in need of a guardian, we can help you navigate the process.

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